TracInnovations and Tracoline system

TracInnovations is a Danish company focusing on innovative solutions for image based diagnosis and treatment.

Motion causes image degradation which impairs the basis for diagnosis. Children and patients with involuntary motions are often not considered for scanning. The goal is to have an efficient and correct motion tracking system without compromising the operational scanner workflow.

TracInnovations Tracoline TCL3 prototype is available for Research Sites and is today installed at Sites in Europe and US. The TCL3 ensures a unique markerless online monitoring and tracking. The system is MRI compatible and designed for in-bore MRI and PET applications. It is demonstrated for MRI motion correction, retrospective as well as prospective, and for PET motion correction using image space and list-mode.

The TCL3 constructs high quality 3D surfaces from structured invisible infrared light, enabling markerless tracking of the patient’s head - all supporting the operational workflow and the patient´s comfort. TCL3 is delivered with a TracSuite software package focusing on robust tracking and simple to use with a Graphical User Interface for real-time monitoring of patient movement.

TracInnovations support optimal motion tracking for correction solutions within innovative research studies.

This will be achievable with the new TCL3 system and in collaboration with Research Sites.

Benefits for the users:

With our updated system we will present a smart clinical solution that with full scanner integration potentially provides:

  • Better diagnosis and treatments:
    Inclusion of patients and no need for sedation
  • Lower cost:
    Fewer rescans and shorter scan times
  • Simple and automated workflow:
    No added scan time and no patient preparation






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