TracInnovations is working with smart innovation for image based diagnosis and treatment. Patient motion during medical scanning limits the potential of today's advanced scanner technologies. Children are often sedated or might not be considered for scanning because of presumed motion during the scanning process.

TracInnovations is a spin out from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with expertise in merger of computer vision and medical imaging. The foundation of the company is years of research and experience within the field of markerless motion tracking and correction for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). Our focus is to provide the best possible information about the motion without compromising the patient comfort and scanning complexity.    

TracInnovations is commercializing the next generation of the markerless motion tracker and monitor, Tracoline, for in bore medical applications. Tracoline is designed to support motion guided correction techniques and return feedback to the scan operator during scanning.

Our technology is based on high quality 3D surface scanning enabling markerless registration of the motion “invisible” for the patient. Our design is outstanding in being MRI functional and deliver high quality surface tracking in bore during MRI scanning without degrading the medical images.

TracInnovations’ technology has been demonstrated in clinic for MRI and PET brain motion correction with excellent results.

Benefits for the users:

With our updated system we will present a smart clinical solution that with full scanner integration potentially provides:

  • Better diagnosis and treatments:
    Inclusion of patients and no need for sedation
  • Lower cost:
    Fewer rescans and shorter scan times
  • Simple and automated workflow:
    No added scan time and no patient preparation