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We strive to offer improved technology to keep customers on the cutting edge. We partner with leading organizations to advance research and keep innovation alive. Our collaborations enable us to foster innovations that benefit society.


TracInnovations is a Danish company established in 2015 focused on improving image-based diagnosis for better health outcomes. TracInnovations has developed the Tracoline system, an MRI Markerless Motion Tracker and Monitoring System that unnoticed records patient’s head movements during brain scans.

Innovative medical solutions

Through dedication and hard work, we are driven to bring innovative solutions to the medical field, continually striving to improve our offering to keep our customers at the forefront of technological advancement.


TracInnovations makes it possible to scan and diagnose patients who move during a neurology MRI scan.
Our passion is to make it possible to avoid sedation during pediatric MRI scans, increase patient comfort and improve the workflow

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Stefan Ovesen Banke

Stefan has extensive experience from co-founding another medical device scaleup, RSP Systems.
He has acted in roles as both CTO and CEO.

Dale Flanders

Dale is an experienced entrepreneur and expert in startup strategy.
He was president of Axsun a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volcano Corporation and Lasertron’s CTO.

Nicklas Hall Jarnel

Nicklas is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business developer.
He is the co-founder of Norlase ApS and GLStandard and is an expert in strategy and fundraising.

Stefan Glimberg

Stefan has a PhD in advanced mathematics and computer science.
He is an expert in computer vision, and has worked with TracInnovations’ for 5+ years.

Ian Lauritzen
Sales Director, International

Bachelor of Commerce and Executive Programmes at Cranfield University, England.
Previously General Manager and CSO at Philips Healthcare and SKOV

Michelle Stock
Director of BD & Sales NA

Michelle is an experienced business developer with 15+ years in high-tech industries.
She has a PhD in Optics, and has co-founded Arbor Photonics.


Key collaborators and investors are critical to the success of any business venture. That is why we prioritize them and thank them for their support.
We aim at establishing strong relationships based on trust, transparency, communication, and mutual respect. In short, we believe that effective collaboration with strategic partners remains one of the most important ingredients for long-term business success.

Our partners and investors

Working in partnership with leading organizations, we are committed to furthering their research and development to continue the journey of innovation and discovery.

Martinos Center


Technical University of Denmark

Karolinska Institute

Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich

Schantz Innovation A/S

Investo Capital


West Hill

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