Markerless Technology

No patient interaction


The unique Tracoline system is an advanced 3D stereo vision system which monitors and captures movements online. The system is developed to fulfill the clinical requirements for a user-friendly setup, reliable tracking quality and real-time motion feedback. The markerless system is invisible to the patient and requires minimal additional work from the scan staff.

Tracoline constructs high quality 3D surfaces from structured invisible infrared light, enabling markerless tracking of the patient’s head – all supporting the operational workflow and the patient´s comfort. Tracoline is delivered with a TracSuite software package focusing on robust tracking and simple to use with a Graphical User Interface for real-time monitoring of patient movement.

Available for research sites

TracInnovations´ Tracoline is available for Research Sites and is today installed at recognized sites in Europe and US.  It is demonstrated for MRI motion correction, retrospective as well as prospective, and for PET motion correction using image space and list-mode data.

TracInnovations actively support research sites in their development of motion correction solutions.

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Markerless technology

Who is TracInnovations

TracInnovations is a Danish company established in 2015 focusing on innovative solutions for image based diagnosis and treatment. TracInnovations has developed the Tracoline system, which is a MRI Markerless Motion Tracker and Monitor System that unnoticed records patient’s head movements during brain scans.


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