New investors

In addition to the investments secured earlier this year from Investo Capital and Syddansk Innovation, a complementary investment has been undertaken with a consortium of private investors from US and Denmark. These include Dale Flanders, David Hardwick and Jes Broeng, all of whom come with a strong entrepreneurial background in combination with a comprehensive experience from medical science and technology driven companies.

With our new co-owners, we have added significant competence and expertise to the company and look forward to the cooperation in regards to enhancing further our technology and product development as well as our market expansion.

– Dale Flanders
Dale is an entrepreneur and author of more than 100 issued US patents and a substantial amount of technical publications and a substantial experience from especially fiber optic communications. He was founder of Axsun Technologies, supplying advanced technology to telecom, medical and industrial applications. Axsun raised more than USD 150 million of investments (while Dale served as CEO) and was sold to Volcano Corp. (specializing in cardiovascular diagnostics) and later to Philips. Dale today is investor and advisor in several companies, including Danish Norlase and Faunaphotonics. Dale has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MIT.

– David Hardwick
David has been a part of the photonics industry for over 40 years and has extensive experience as CEO, board representative and investor. He is especially experienced in transformative situations including licensing, M&A, company funding and exits. He was on the board of Swedish start-up Altitun AB (tunable laser technology for all-optical networks) when sold to ADC for USD 935m in year 2000. David today is investor, board member and Chair in several companies, including Danish Norlase and Faunaphotonics.

– Jes Broeng
Jes is professor and director at DTU Entrepreneurship. From a science background, he has co-founded a number of successful Danish startups, including Crystal Fibre (sold in 2008, now NKT Photonics), Norlase, Bifrost Communications, OSAA Innovation and OptoCeutics. He is a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences and a Fellow of SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics). Jes has strong international relations to UC Berkeley and he leads a national university-industry program in entrepreneurship.

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