TCL3 Motion Tracking System

TracInnovation presents a unique markerless solution for MRI motion artifacts

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Benefits of using TracInnovations' products

A major problem is to track motion correctly without compromising scanner workflow and patient comfort.
TracInnovations presents a unique FDA-cleared Motion Tracking System to overcome this issue.

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Better diagnostic outcomes

Inclusion of patients
and no need for sedation

Simple and automated workflow

No patient interaction and no additional scan time

Lower expenses

Fewer rescans and reduced scan time

Unique motion tracking system

Tracoline is a 3D stereo vision system with user-friendly setup. It monitors and captures movements and provides real-time motion feedback with markerless tracking. It uses infrared light to capture high quality 3D surfaces with minimal effort from scan staff.

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  • Real-time motion feedback
  • MRI conditional
  • Markerless tracking
  • Improve workflow and comfort for patients
  • Invisible infrared light
  • In-bore 3D surface camera

A user-friendly interface

Tracoline is delivered with a TracSuite software package designed for maximum robustness and ease of use. It features a Graphical User Interface for quick and easy real-time monitoring of patient movement. This powerful suite makes tracking as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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  • High quality 3D surfaces
  • User-friendly interface
  • Smoother workflow
  • Easy real-time monitoring
  • Online view of patients
  • All-in-one system

Motion correction solutions

TracInnovations delivers motion tracking data enabling motion correction (for research only) for 3T MRI scanners from Siemens, Philips and GE

Motion correction

Our motion tracking products are cleared by the FDA. The motion correction solutions can be used for research use only. Our solutions are not available in all countries. Please contact to learn more

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